What experience does Consist have with transforming ADABAS /Natural to Consist/IBM Technology?
Consist has a extensive experience in migrating and downsizing applications, having performed the process with all applications it has developed, not only internally but also for its customers.

Furthermore, Consist had been developing in Natural with ADABAS for over 30 years and since 1996, Consist has been working with RDBMS and IBM’s technology.

What existing systems are ideal for conversion with ConsistADS?
Any system that was previously running with ADABAS is ideal for conversion. Additionally, if the system is written in the Natural language, the sources are migrated unchanged to the ConsistADS environment.

For COBOL sources that access the ADABAS database the conversion process takes the original EXEC ADABAS statements and converts them to EXEC DB2 in mainframe.

What benefits does ConsistADS offer over other migration solutions?
ConsistADS is a very fast and efficient conversion tool, that can simultaneously convert all applications out of ADABAS/Natural while modernizing the environment and providing a return on investment.

The main benefits compared to other migration solutions are:

The automation of the process with ConsistADS and the set of tools available to improve the migration speed, thereby providing a very short implementation timeframe;

The sources are kept unchanged allowing the possibility to continue maintaining the sources in the same language as before, with zero-cost to train the system analysts.

The process of migration implicitly detects errors in the original sources and conditions that must be handled in the original system and that may otherwise be undetected.

What does the ConsistDMS component do?
As a part of the ConsistADS solution, ConsistDMS automates the migration of data from ADABAS to RDBMS. As result, the target database structure is generated automatically, as well as the scripts and data transformation processes. This component is also responsible for the mapping process that allows the converted applications to execute properly with the new data model.

What benefits does ConsistADS offer over migrating with SAG Technology?
ConsistADS actually changes the existing technology. Also, since there is an exportation of programs and data, existing errors in the original environment are detected. This may not be the case when using SAG in the target environment.

The process of migrating through ConsistADS is a good opportunity to evaluate the quality of the original environment. The execution using an RDBMS can significantly reduce the need of programming considering that database utilities and ad-hoc SQL executions against the database can generate the reports instead of requiring the programs to do so.

The entire set of features of DB2 and other RDBMS when compared to ADABAS can be considered as advantages and benefits when compared to SAG migrations.

Do the programmers need to learn SQL?
The maintenance of the migrated applications can be done using the same language as in the original environment. No change is expected, or needed. Therefore, there is no requirement for SQL in the target environment.

Although the user can improve the handling of the database using SQL, since SQL statements allow a much more powerful handling of the data, there is no requirement for this skill.

What is required in the initial assessment of a company’s existing infrastructure?
We will send a form to be completed requesting information such as the size of the environment, type of machines, existing LPARs in the machines, number of objects, lines of code, etc., in order for us to assess the project and provide a clear picture of what ConsistADS can achieve while providing us with the necessary information to calculate a return on investment.

How does ConsistADS modernize the environment?
ConsistADS allows the applications to be accessed through a Web browser. This modernizes the user interface and how the users interact with the application, allowing for example, the application to be included in the company’s portal.

Another modernization aspect is provided by the database itself. By having the data inside a RDBMS, there is native integration with other applications with the added advantage of using several productivity tools.

When undertaking a migration, does any of the existing code need to be changed?
One of the great benefits of ConsistADS is that it is a fully automatic process. Sometimes original code may not be written optimally so at the client’s discretion we can rework some of the code to make the conversion more effective.

This is particularly true when the original application contains errors and those errors are detected when the conversion takes place. In those cases the changes in the original source actually fix the problems of the application being converted.

Why would I want to move out of one proprietary technology to find myself in another?
ConsistADS provides extensive flexibility and modernization features to your environment. Maintenance can be done on existing code the way it has always been, but now it is done through our own Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which can be securely accessed via the Web from any location.

However, your development team is not tethered to the existing coding process; new modules for existing applications and new applications can both be written in other languages such as Java and Cobol.

Furthermore, ConsistADS is based on popular standards such as: TCP/IP for communications, SQL for data access, or WSi for Integration. The ConsistADS roadmap includes the coexistence of Natural with other languages in the same operating environment, allowing for deep interoperability (e.g. allowing one language to invoke methods or functions written in another language of the same environment).

How much time does a typical a conversion take from ADABAS/ Natural to Consist/IBM Technology?
Whereas many conversion processes can take a few years, and rewriting the application code could take even longer, ConsistADS is able to migrate and modernize all your applications in approximately six months in most cases.

Does ConsistADS affect the performance of our environment?
In most instances, your environment will perform better than previously. Other than technical performance, your staff will save a lot of time by having easier and faster access to reports, etc.

ConsistADS allows an entirely new way of working: the development can be decentralized and moved to a different machine; the printouts can be downloaded directly to the user’s computer, the execution can be integrated from different systems without a time-consuming broker service and some programs that were developed in order to extract or manipulate data can be simply replaced by SQL executions. All of these changes can significantly improve the performance of the new environment.