ConsistBIS – Business Information Solutions – is a family of business management solutions that is integrated, modular and customized by market segment, whose components may be combined in different ways to meet the needs of our customers.

The evolving nature of business leads organizations to search for information technologies that guarantee competitiveness and survival in today’s complex economy. Most organizations identify the ability to use the web as a universal integration tool among their most relevant needs. All ConsistBIS components are accessed from a single web portal that can include all internal and external applications used by the customer. This portal offers specific functionalities which are customized by market segment and based on the organization’s needs. These tools speed up the implementation process, thus guaranteeing immediate results.

ConsistBIS is composed by the following products:

  • Strategic Management – BSC: The FlexSI, a complete solution for strategy management;
  • Business Intelligence – BI: Integrated Business Intelligence applications;
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Global Enterprise Management (ConsistGEM): a flexible suite of integrated management software for financial institutions and services;
  • Government Management (ConsistGRP): Integrated management software for government.
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Project Portfolio Management (Consist ePM)
  • Workflow Management (ConsistGPA) integrated with electronic document management.
  • Corporate Management solutions in the banking segment. (Consist e-SCA, e-CDC).

BIS is composed of the following products: Strategic Management – BSC, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Global Enterprise Management, Human Resources Management, and Administrative Processes Management – Graphic Workflow in association with Corporate Management solutions verticalized by market segment (financial institutions, services and government).