Designing, managing and distributing user-specific documents for delivery to multiple destinations is mission-critical. It is essential to the fluid performance and brand integrity of any enterprise. The process of producing a document typically draws on multiple data sources located across the organizational network that all need to be synchronized and accessible. Moreover, it requires complicated real-time template creation that reflects the ever changing needs of the enterprise.

PrintBOS eliminates the considerable time, manpower and resources that organizations typically utilize in their attempts to meet their business process documentation needs.

The PrintBOS workflow addresses the many challenges that enterprises face in communicating with a wide variety of internal and external audiences. From forms to reports, purchase orders to invoices, checks to barcodes and beyond – generating output in a variety of digitally delivered formats is accomplished with accuracy, clarity and efficiency. With PrintBOS integrated into business-critical systems, users can define, manage and track document delivery from a single location. This helps streamline business workflows, reduce administration, pre-printed paper and consumables costs and increase the reliability of output in document-dependent business processes.

Benefits of PrintBOS

  • Significantly cuts labor costs associated with manual document processing and distribution
  • Reduces postage costs and consumable costs such as toner ink, paper, envelopes and postage
  • Lowers margins of costly delivery errors using automated delivery and archiving
  • Enhances brand appreciation by communicating greater efficiency and ease of use to customers
  • Enhances self-service projects adoption rates and customer service
  • Provides collection rates improvement opportunities

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